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Air Man

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Introducing the “Air Man”, the revolutionary Jaboom answer to the Ned Rig.   Its buoyant design is perfect for ned heads left motionless on the bottom.   Dead stick Air Man and he’ll stand up in the “I Surrender” posture, with very slight undulation with water currents.   With a hop or slow drag, the arms move in a very tight kick.  


Like many of our baits, Air Man is extremely versatile.  An innovative pocket molded at the top of the bait allows for a glass rattle to add sound for varying water clarity.   Drop shot Air Man with an open or texas rig hook, or drag it around on a Carolina Rig.   The Jaboom original, parallel rib design, channels water down the body towards the arms, which aids movement with minimal effort.  


Although Air Man was designed for ned rig fishing, there hasn’t been a finesse presentation it doesn’t excel at.   Flat out, this bait generates bites…  but what else would expect from Jaboom? 


Each pack includes 10 Air Man baits.

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2022 JABOOm master classic

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